The TURBO program is seeking companies interested in working with CDR to bring novel technologies and products to the marketplace.

At this time, CDR is offering access to twelve technologies that range from high protein snack cheese to beta-casein manufacture. The goal of this economic development, rural focused program is to increase the speed at which innovative ideas enter the marketplace, resulting in new jobs and increased milk usage in Wisconsin and throughout the United States. We encourage you to explore our patented and non-patented technologies and then contact us to see how you can benefit from the CDR TURBO program.

Untitled-4 Innovation Support for Food Technology Entrepreneurs (PDF)












Companies interested in adapting one of these technologies should contact TURBO Commercialization Manager, Vic Grassman. Also please note that the licensing of a CDR patented technology is negotiated through the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF). For more information on this and other policies please see, TURBO policies.