The TURBO Program or Tech Transfer, University Research and Business Opportunity program, is a comprehensive business accelerator designed to increase the speed of commercialization for new products and technologies specifically related to the dairy industry.

Located at the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research, on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, this business accelerator program combines the technologies and expertise of world-class food scientists with business planning, regulatory and financing support.

Along with a Technology Portfolio listing all CDR patents and process technologies available for tech transfer, the TURBO program can also offer assistance to companies interested in using their own proprietary intellectual property.



The entrepreneur or existing company is interested in licensing the technology of one of CDR’s existing patents or accessing other non-patentable technologies.  CDR can assist the client in further technical development to the point where, hopefully, a new product is launched into the marketplace.

The entrepreneur or existing company has its own dairy related technology and would like CDR to provide technical assistance to further develop it for potential commercialization (see Developing your Idea).

Please note that the TURBO program is exclusive to startups and existing companies that use a dairy ingredient in their food or beverage products.  If your company does not fit into that category, please use the Economic Development Portal.



WARF LogoCDR’s Technology Portfolio includes both patented and non-patented technologies. While companies will receive the same world-class support from CDR regardless of the technology licensing status, the procedure for securing the technologies do differ.

Please note that all companies interested in obtaining a CDR license must be willing to work with CDR to further develop the technology. For more see TURBO Policies.


The licensing of a CDR patented technology is negotiated through the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF). A TURBO partner, WARF has experience assisting companies in obtaining a license for a technology patented through the University of Wisconsin. WARF’s website contains a number of links and resources for those interested.


Those interested in a non-patented CDR technology should contact the CDR TURBO coordinator, Vic Grassman directly. Please see TURBO policies for more information.


Please note that a fee for service does apply to all product testing and related trials. For pricing or more information please contact TURBO Manager, Vic Grassman.